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The Camera I Have Been Waiting For: Canon EOS M

(from Canon website)
I think I have found the camera suited for my blogging and street photography needs, the new Canon EOS M!  With its compact size, excellent video features, APS-C size sensor for low noise performance, high quality photos and videos and ideal price range, it seems to be the almost perfect match for my photography requirements.

My requirements as a blogger:
  1. Compact and not a DSLR especially for venues/events that does not allow DLSRs like concert
  2. Very good image quality for both photos and videos
  3. Low light performance both on video and photos
  4. Continuous auto focusing while shooting videos
  5. External Mic connection for better audio in video interviews
  6. Exposure control during video recording 
My requirements as a street photographer:
  1. Compact so it's not threatening to subjects on the street and to improve my "invisibility"
  2. Very good image quality for photos
  3. Low light performance since like to take photos inside malls and indoor public settings

The EOS M Camera Features

(From Canon website)

Initial impressions of the Canon EOS M from What Digital Camera

Canon EOS M preview video by Digital Camera

My Rig

Canon 40D with Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 EX lens, 580 EXII flash
  • work horse for my events photography

Canon G12 (mainly for photos, occasionally for videos)
  • compact
  • Good zoom range
  • Excellent low light photo capability in low light mode using pixel binding but limited to lower resolution and automatic exposure mode

Lumix LX-5 (for video)
  • compact
  • high quality HD movies
  • excellent f/2.0 lens low light capability
  • continuous focusing in video
  • Exposure options availability like P/A/M modes in video and exposure settings and compensation controls options during video recording
Me doing a video interview of Bianca Valerio in the Nine West 9 Most Stylist Women coverage using my Lumix LX5 mounted on a flash bracket
(photo courtesy of Seventh High)

Why Canon EOS M is Ideal for my Needs?

Aside from the obvious reason that I have invested in Canon gears like my 580 EXII flash and Canon EF-S mount Sigma lens, that I can use with the M, here are the reason I think this camera is the one for all solution for my blogging and street photography requirements.

1. Compact

With the small dimensions (WxHxD) of approx. 4.28 x 2.62 x 1.27 in./ 108.6 x 66.5 x 32.3mm, it is very compact compared to a DSLR with the same sensor and processor specification and weighs only 14 ounces/392g.

It's not really the weight or the bulk that made me enumerate compactness as a requirement, it is the stigma of the DSLR being a professional camera that made compactness a prime consideration.  A lot of events like concerts does not allow audience to bring in DSLRs.  When I was covering the David Cook Live in Manila concert at the Smart Araneta last July 14, 2012, we were instructed by the organizer not bring any DSLRs but compact cameras were allowed.   Actually, the Big Dome policy is no DSLRs allowed but you can shoot as much as you want with compact cameras.

Let me put more weight in this requirement by sharing my experience.  During the same concert, the authorized photographers were allowed to bring DSLRs.  They were positioned at the photo pit in between the stage and the mosh pit separated with a barrier were allowed to shoot with their DSLRs but only during the first 3 songs. After the 3 song, they were all sent away.  I was at the barrier in the front of the stage at the mosh pit and was able to shoot photos with my G12 and videos with my LX5 throughout the duration of the concert untouched by security because I was using a compact camera!  I would have taken these photos and a complete set videos of the concert if I was using a DSLR.

David Cook with Yeng Constantino in a Duet Singing Always Be My Baby
(For the complete David Cook Live in Manila Concert Coverage, please follow blog post link)

In Street Photography as well, having a compact camera helps you to be more "invisible" and it's less "threatening" to your subjects in the street.  They will just think of you as someone not too serious or just like a tourist who will not publish their photos for commercial gain or for the media.

2. Very Good Image Quality (IQ)

DSLR are equated with very good IQ because of their use of larger sensors like the APS-C.  While the compacts have reasonably good IQ almost comparable to DSLRs especially in very good lighting conditions, it still falls short.  This is due to the smaller sensors they use which does not performs as good as the bigger ones used in DSLRs especially in low light conditions.

The Canon EOS M is a mirror-less compact camera with same large APS-C 18 megapixel censor and same Digic 5 processor found in its bigger DSLR sibling, the Canon t4i/650D.  With the same sensor size in a compact body, the M can deliver the same quality as the Canon t4i/650D theoretically.

3. Low light performance both on video and photos

The camera's low light performance depends heavily on it's sensor size and processor.  Since the M uses the larger APS-C sensor and the latest sophisticated Digic-5 processor, the low light performance ot the M is very impressive as it's DSLR sibling.  ISO can be set to 100-6400 (expandable to 12800 in H mode) for video recording, ISO 100-12800 (expandable to 25600 in H mode) for still images.

In addition, the standard lens provided is a 22 mm f/2.0 fast lens. With it's f/2.0 fast wide aperture capability which will allow more light to come in combined with the above specs, it stretches your limits when it comes to shooting without flash in low light situations.  This is very important when covering events in poorer lighting and shooting street style photographs indoors.

4. Continuous Auto Focusing while Shooting Videos

The M is equipped with Movie Servo AF for continuous focus tracking of moving subjects.  It uses Hybrid CMOS AF that uses both phase and contrast detection to deliver faster autofocus speed for video.  In addition, with the new STM (stepping motor) focus technology, focusing is silent so it does not interfere with your audio in the video recordings.

5. External Mic Connection for Better Audio in Video Interviews

In addition to its built-in stereo mics, the M has a input jack for an external microphone.  This is very important if you want to use an external microphone like a unidirectional mic or lapel to improve the quality of the audio in interviews during video coverages.

6. Exposure control during video recording

Adjusting / overriding the automatic exposure before and/or during video recording is critical for proper exposure.  The M has manual exposure control or exposure compensation depending on the mode you.
It has even manual audio level adjustment.

The reasons above are my main consideration in concluding that the Canon EOS M will be a perfect match for my requirement at the target price range of around P 35,000 pesos.

Other Negative Factors and Considerations

Nothing is perfect of course.  With its scaled down size comes compromises.

The battery is smaller so it would not last longer. Coupled with no optical viewfinder, the dependence on the usage of the LCD for framing and as interface control, wlll definitely reduce battery life.  I have to consider buying an extra batter to counter this issue similar to the one I have with the Lumix LX-5 as well.

Slower Focusing for Photos
The M's new sensor-based AF system to focus, while this system is great for video it's not nearly as powerful it's DSLR sibling's 9-point optical autofocus sensor.  Focusing will be slower and could be a concern in events photography and street photography.  I have to really try it out in actual to be able to judge if it's fast enough.

The search continues (and the search of funding as well) for my ideal blogging and street photography camera.

What do you think?  Do you think the other models like Olympus Pen, or other mirrorless camera will suit my requirement?  Please leave your comments and suggestions in the comment section.  I would really love to hear your valued opinion.

Note to my regular readers:  This might be my last post in this blog but I'm continuing my blogging about photography in my other blog WazzUpPhilippines?
This is just to combine the traffic into just one single blog and domain.  Thank you for your continued support.


Canon Website:

Digital Review:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Coverage of The Great Northern Sale Fashion Show at SM City North EDSA

The Great Northern Sale Fashion Show was held July 13, 2012 at SM City North EDSA as part of its shopping Sale activities.  It was a 30 minutes runway catwalk held the the Atrium of The Block.

The shoppers where treated to the displays of the latest fashions from Folded & Hung, Plains & Prints, Tomato, CEO, Sebago Shoes and other brands.

Here are the photos and video of the event.


Plains & Prints

Folded & Hung + Sebago

Le Jean De Marithe Francois Girbaud






The complete video coverage of the fashion show


L-R: Charles Chamsay Jr (CFO - SM, PFW) Ara Ariba (Ms. Earth Philippines - Alaminos, Ann Casas (Model)

This post was originally posted in WazUpPhilippines.

Equipment used:  Photos: Canon 40D with Sigma 18-50 f/2.8, Canon 580EXII flash
                           Video: Lumix LX-5

Credits: All photos and video by Teddy Bear Photography

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Coverage of Runway Picks Fashion Show at SM Southmall Featuring Ulysses King

Note:  This post was originally posted in Wazupphilippines, Coverage of Runway Picks Fashion Show at SM Southmall Featuring Ulysses King 

Equipment Used:

Photos: Canon 40D with Sigma 17-50 f/2.8 Lens, 580 EXII Flash (sometimes modified by Rogue Flashbender)
Videos: Panasonic Lumix LX-5

SM Southmall, the premiere shopping destination in South Metro Manila held the 3rd edition of SM Southmall Runway Picks on Saturday, July 7, 2012 featuring top fashion brands local and global brands – SM Department Store, SM Ladies Fashion, GTW, 3 Stars & a Sun, Bench, Blue, Inc., Celine, Charles & Keith, Fox, Gingersnaps, Girbaud, Human, Jag, Just G, Kali, Kashieca, Levi’s, Mags, Mendrez, Michelis, Osh Losh, Parfois, Payless, Peppermint, Periwinkle, Petite Monde, Plains & Prints, Promod, Sabella, Shubizz, Tomato Green & Red, Yves Rocher. The show also featured Rock and Soil, the Earth Tone Collection, the latest in men’s line by Ulysses King and the debut of his first ever, women’s line.

The show captured that distinct South Metro savvy of effortless chic, with looks that were laid back, casual and carefree but with the elegance, flair and fashion-forward elements that will surely turn heads. 

Live music was provided DJ Callum David while guests were treated to entrees from newly opened food tenants – Tous Les Jours, Hollys’ Coffee, Black Canyon Coffee, Breadstory & Krispy Kreme.

Model & DJ Callum David

The show was set in the mall’s Food Street area – a newly opened Al Fresco dining strip, currently with 12 new dining concepts – and is set to launch with at least 30 restaurants by 4th quarter this year.

The highlights of the fashion show were the Ulysses King collection and the SM Ladies Wear Girls Teens' Wear.  Watch the videos of the fashion show included in this post.

Here is the Magalogue for the event:

Front Cover

Pages 1 & 2

Pages 3 & 4

Page 5 & 6

Back Cover



The Ulysses King Collection and The SM Ladies Fashion Girls Teens' Wear


Lorenz Calingasan, Regional Operations Manager of SM Southmall being interviewed by TV 5 Juicy
L-R: SM Management: Lorenz Calingasan (Regional Operations Manager),  Tina Adriano (AVP Marketing), Ritchie Gonzales  (AVP Marketing)

L-R: SM Team: Crisa Verana (Mktg. Officer), Cheryl Lopez (Group Mktg. Manager), Ronie Marie Reyes (Mktg. Manager), Angel Alinio (Mktg. Officer), Angelique Carlos (Tenant Relations Officer)

Lorenz Calingasan (SM Regional Operations Manager), DJ Calumn,   Ronie Marie Reyes (SM Mktg. Manager),

Some of the bloggers at the event

About SM Southmall

SM Southmall, the premier mall south of Metro Manila is now the prime destination for fabulous shopping, recreation and dining experience for the entire family. The renewed SM Southmall was designed by an Australian firm. Inspired by motion, energy, vitality and SM’s advocacy for the environment, the exciting exterior draws customers in while the interior engages them with a playful and dynamic concept. The plans were redrawn to accommodate an exciting mix of more than 300 standard and upscale tenants on a bigger than 100,000 sq. m. floor area. Being the only mall in South Manila to offer worldclass leisure and entertainment, it is destined to become the center of attraction in its environs.

For more info and latest updates about the mall, visit their Facebook Page.

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SM Southmall's July 7 Fashion Show: Latest Fashion Picks + Designs from Ulysses King Featured in Philippine Fashion Week 2012 Holiday Collection

Credits:  Artworks and text based on press release provided by SM.  Photos and Videos are by Teddy Bear Photography.